Sunday, June 10, 2007

Snowboarding trip photos #1

The land of white! Trust me, snow hurts!

Lexie, me and Donna on top of the Grand Motte (highest point in Tignes).

Everyone with 'bunny faces' for our Easter egg hunt/pub crawl.

Lexie, me and Donna having Apres at the Loop Bar.

Donna and I on the 80's themed disco bowling night.

TK, Longy, Disco, VB and Lee (our Fanatics crew). They were dressed up for TK's 25th birthday!

Me, Ross, Donna & Lexie on Black Friday (hence the black clothing).

Our tour group on the last day in Tignes.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Long time no blog

I have been so busy (working, socialising, travelling, and just enjoying London) that its fair to say I've kind of neglected my poor little blog. So I will try to do a catch up of the last 2 months in the next few posts (lots of reading ahead!). I promise not to get so far behind next time. First of all, my snowboarding trip to Tignes, which I think has to be my favourite trip to date - every day was just so much fun!

The people:
Went to the French Alps with a tour group called the Fanatics ( who generally do sport-based or major event trips like Running of the Bulls, World Cup etc. There were about 50 people on the trip, loads of teachers because it was school holidays! We had one main tour leader, Lee, a crazy girl from Perth who is a school teacher and then there were 4 other tour leaders there to help out, all boys. Disco (Co-owner of the company and like a cool Dad); VB (2nd in charge); TK (who was there till Wednesday morning helping out) and Longy (who was working in the Alps at the time). They do have real names but we literally always called them by their nicknames! Really cool bunch of guys who were lots of fun.

The place: Tignes is divided into 3 smaller villages, we were based in the central (main) village of Le Lac (the one in the picture below). The snow was incredible, everyone was always asking me if there was going to be any snow when I told them I was going and it totally blew me away. The weather was gorgeous for the first 3 or 4 days but then became a little bit overcast and cloudy. There were heaps of pubs and bars around the village, including one that had a pole, which the guys loved! We mainly partied in the Yeti Bar because its where we had our breakfasts/dinners every day and Longy worked at the bar and gave us free drinks and discounts (which we took advantage of!).

The partying: We partied (mainly meaning me, Lexie, Donna and the tour leaders) every night till about 4am, I don’t actually know how my liver coped but I think as soon as you back up the first night your body gets used to it! The villages’ party every night so each pub/bar was packed no matter what night it was. Every afternoon at about 4pm we would finish boarding and head somewhere for Apres sessions (afternoon drinks). There was one bar that was really cool, called the Loop Bar. There was even a crazy bar halfway up one of the mountains, so you’d drink and then have to board down to the bottom(half-tanked!). We also had organised party nights, like Easter Sunday. We had a pub crawl organised and all had to wear our cute Ski Bunny t-shirts, then we got bunny faces (courtesy of Lee, lipstick on the nose and eyeliner whiskers). We went to about 5 different pubs around the village and VB and TK also hid Easter eggs in the snow between 2 of the pubs – so imagine 50 of us, tipsy, running through the snow in our bunny faces squealing as we found eggs! Other nights included a Black Friday party (Friday the 13th); 80s night with disco bowling; band night; trivia night etc. etc.

The pain: Don’t be fooled, snowboarding is NOT easy! It is the most physically demanding sport, after a long day of boarding I felt like I had played 5 netball games back to back! Your arms ache from pushing yourself up off the snow to stand up, your stomach muscles ache from all the movement, your legs ache from trudging around in the snow and constantly clipping/unclipping your board. But it is SO addictive! Even though I wasn’t crash hot at boarding, I loved every second of it! Next time I think I will try skiing (which is easier to pick up).

Photos next!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Time in Tignes

Tomorrow afternoon (London time) I head off for 10 days of skiing and snowboarding in Tignes, France. Tignes is located in the French Alps, very close to the Italian border. I've just found out that a World Cup event for snowboarding is being held in Tignes while we're there as well!

Even though I've seen snow and been in snow before, the thought of being surrounded by that much snow is crazy!!! Don't worry, as always I will take lots of photos ;-)

Happy Easter everyone!

PS: Happy 50th Mum (it was on Wednesday)! Haha couldn't let you get away with it now could I?!

Monday, March 26, 2007

Ski Bunny

Jimeoin was absolutely brilliant, the guy had us in stitches literally for 10 minutes alone just by wiggling his eyebrows and making strange facial expressions. I definitely recommend going to see him live, I think he's actually doing some shows at home currently?

In other news, my good friend Carly who was on Contiki with me last year has moved from Milan to London and is living 5 minutes down the road in Fulham! I took her to the P&P last night and she loved it (I haven't met anyone who hasn't enjoyed a Sunday session there yet!). We even managed to score 2 vodka, lime & sodas for a quid! Went out on Saturday night for a friend's farewell, she's heading back to Melbourne tomorrow (I'm starting to farewell heaps of my friends from now till October which is going to be really sad, lots of people are heading home in the next 6 months).

Been working and saving hard for the last 6 weeks or so, because April is full of holidays (its the school holidays as well). Next Friday I head off for 9 days of skiing/snowboarding (mainly boarding for me) at Tignes in the French Alps! I've got all my gear, finally bought some goggles on the weekend (they are the weirdest things to wear, it just doesn't feel right?) and am pretty much kitted out. Very excited about it, although no doubt I'll spend the first couple of days on my butt (I am getting lessons though!). After the Alps, I arrive back in London for less than a week before flying off to Turkey! I'll maybe work a couple of those days (school goes back around April 17th) then head off on the 20th, I'll be in Turkey for a week and of course experience the dawn service at ANZAC Cove, which will be nothing short of amazing.

I'm not even going to bother mentioning that other little issue regarding the WCE because I'm sure everyone at home is sick to death of hearing about it already (is everyone really that surprised though?). I've had tons of emails (mainly from Dockers fans though, Andy!) and text messages with jokes/gags about it. A week is a long time in football, especially if you live in Perth right?

But in more important news, the Lions have announced that they have 5 captains this season (which I personally think is a bit of overkill, but 4 of them are pretty worthy...Brown not so much unless he's grown up significantly since I left) and play Hawthorn in the first round of the AFL which starts this weekend. I hate missing the footy season and would love to be home for the last weekend in September this year, its just not the same watching it at 4am in a crammed London pub!

Sunday, February 25, 2007


I finally get to see one of my favourite comedians perform on Monday night! Jimeoin is doing some gigs at the Soho Theatre and as soon as I saw it in the paper, booked tickets for some friends and I to go. I've heard he's hilarious live, I love watching him on TV so hopefully it'll be just as funny...I'll never forget the gag he did about moths being attracted to light and then having a go at reaching the moon...literally made my sides ache!

My photos from New York are all online now so I will post a short travel diary (my condensed version otherwise it will go for pages) sometime during the week, with some photos to accompany it.

Other than that, the Oscars are on tomorrow night and I'm hoping Little Miss Sunshine wins Best Picture (and the other awards its nominated for, brilliant movie).

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Snow White

Snow Day!

Wednesday was my 1 year anniversary of living in London, hard to believe it has been a year since I've been away from sunny Perth! Imagine my reaction when I woke up, looked out the window and saw everything completely covered in white!

I spent the next hour in my pyjamas running around the street (in thongs!) taking photos, making snowballs and remembering what snow was like (haven't seen it since I was 19). Sadly after having so much fun I had to get ready and go to work, but everyone in London was smiling and enjoying themselves (I think snow has the same effect as sunshine does on Londoners).

Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everybody! Hope you all celebrated in style last night (unless you went to the Perth Cup, jealous!). The fireworks around the London Eye were amazing, definitely rivalled our Australia Day celebrations. The weather wasn't too great, rain and strong winds all weekend - but it held off in London before midnight.

I fly out to New York tomorrow morning for 8 days! I have to be at Heathrow at 6:30am so it'll be an early start for me. I'm pretty much organised and just need to pack my things (meaning my clothes & shoes, haha). The weather is looking quite warm for this time of year, it seems very unlikely that I'll be seeing any snow on my visit :-(

Katie & Shelley arrive a couple of hours (providing they make connecting flights from Mexico!) later than I do so after checking in I may go for a bit of a wander around near the hostel, because its literally right off Times Square and in the heart of the city.

My list of things to do is so long its not funny! I'm really lucky because at the moment the pound is incredibly strong against the US dollar, I can literally almost double my money (or everything is half price!).

See you after I've taken a bite of the Big Apple!